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Monday, January 4, 2010

I dress like I still live in LA, this must stop

so I got my dates mixed up and thought today was the open house @ F.I.T. I got all jazzy and braved the freezing only to find out that it is actually! I have also come to realize, since moving to NY a week ago...The HAWK is real...ok. I will not be trying to be cute anymore... well cute and covered up! I was looking soo cute today, but highly inappropriate for this weather. Also I have an interview for an internship with Honey Magazine ( ) on Wednesday morning, send up a prayer for me...I really want this!!!

what I wore
dress::gossip boutique in Pasadena, Ca
scarf:: lf warehouse, LA
tights:: forever 21
boots: garmet district, LA
bangles:: NY
belt:: melrose flea market
and yes, I did have a coat on :)


his hers said...

Although you look beyond cute, I'm going to be a hawk on you if you don't cover that arm! LOL!!!! Your certainly not in Kansas anymore, it will be fun to see how you bring your LA cute look to NY and adjust for the weather.

Lolitta said...

Good luck on your internship...claim it!

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your look!! Imma have to cop that when it's less cold here in Paris (yeah, you got international readers!!). Good luck for the interview

KaiLee said...

thanks for the comments & good luck wishes ladies, I am covering up more and more as the days go by.
And shout out to Paris= Merci Beaucoup!