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Saturday, October 3, 2009

second shoot

so today i got invited by make up artist sharon gault to come and assist on a photo shoot for singer Taylor remember her right? well here are 2 of my favorite songs from her::
I must say she was super sweet and super nice...she was giving all kinds of lioness fevah *snaps for tha kids 2 times with a split at the end* The photographer Marc Cartwright based out of LA was pretty awesome. I had such a great day learning the behind the scenes stuff that goes on for a shoot. And lastly the stylist for the shoot had some AMAZING custom design pieces, his name is Michael Schmidt and he too was pretty cool. The hair stylist Johnny Stuntz, it was a pleasure to watch him creata on set. And a second hair stylist Angela Renee came in and did a great job, if you want any of their contact information shoot me an email.