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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Edna Woolman Chase

                                              Fashion can be bought. Style one must poses


and here is a brief bio courtesy of wikipedia, she is truly inspirational
Edna Woolman Chase (1877-1957) was editor in chief of Voguemagazine from 1914-1952

Rather than having a real desire or training to work with fashion, Edna starting working at Vogue simply by chance. While living in New York, Chase struggled to find a job. After searching, her friend mentioned there was a position open at Vogue. The job was not exactly the jet-set fashion job that might come to mind when you hear "Vogue". However, her first job at Vogue was working in the mail room. Though this was a very entry-level job, Chase quickly began her move to the top. To move up quickly she out-did everyone else in the mail room so she would advance. Her hard work wasn’t just to make more money. Chase truly enjoyed her job. Even when she was just working in the mail room she loved working there. She was always excited and ready to go in the morning and never wanted to leave when work was over. She had a great interest in Vogue as a whole. Mr. Turner, the editor at the time, saw how much effort she put in and would ask for her opinions on layouts and things of that nature. Chase's determination and hard work is really what got her to the top of the fashion magazine. Soon Turner was asking Chase to do entire layouts on her own. [2]
In the midst of a the great collaboration between Turner and Chase, Mr. Turner had died. The magazine was in danger of closing, and Chase took it upon herself to make sure Vogue was kept alive. Chase went on the road to persuade people to keep reading the magazine. Shortly after Turner's death, Condé Nasttook over Vogue in 1909. He immediately saw how driven and talented Chase was and brought her up in the Vogue chain.[3]Edna became managing editor in 1911 which gave her complete control. And by 1914 she was named editor in chief.