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Sunday, August 16, 2009

what I wore

I went to see The Hangover today, I know I know... with 2 gal pals today, it was hella funny and this is what I wore. A pair of ripped forever 21 jeans 7.99, a pink belize T for about 5.99 and some fab fuschia pumps about 40.00 from Off Broadway, oh & a sample bag from The Fashion District in L.A. 10.00

Upgrade me!

So I have started following many a beauty/ make up blogs and I have got to step it I love my MAC, but as a victim of this recession I have learned the art of high low. I'll elaborate, I still buy my cream foundation (30) from mac along with my lipsticks/ lipglass, however I stopped into Rite Aid today and stumbled upon some blush and bronzer from Wet n Wild and I must say, yah girl was kinda glowing today. They were both 2.99 each. Next on my "to try list" will be the uh eyebrow fill in kit...i'm trying to do it hunny...