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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

greetings my bloggy followers. i just wanted to reach out to any readers/ stylist/ anyone who works in the fashion industry in NYC. so anyways, i'm coming out there next week and i'm going out for drinks and dancing with a friend from college and if you're in the city come and hang in the city with us. also are there any jobs out there? i want to move to nyc, like asap... by news years. my lease will be up and i am trying to roll out! so if you know of anything could you send some information my way...pretty please??? *RESUME AVAILABLE ON REQUEST* love you guys


I want!!!

so i was watching the tyra show today and she featured a product from dkny called the cozy cardigan. it retails for 195.00 basically it is a silk and cashmere blend wool draped cardigan. i would style it paired with leggings or skinny jeans and knee boots. or with a super tight mini or mid knee lenght skirt with some pumps or strappy heels. fabulous indeed!

and here is a video showing you how to style it.

eleKtriK blue boots

so i got these ankle boots almost 2 years ago from the fashion district in downtown l.a. i did not have a vision for them then...but i got one now... they are very much in season and i hope it is chilly in the NYC next week so i can rock them!

jewelry board diy

so i have a lot of jewelry and nowhere to put it. so i decided to clean out my jewelry box and came up with this to store my necklaces a few pair of earrings. what do you think? do we likey?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

so i am working towards getting my tax id number so i can start personal shopping for clients and my blog followers :) and i'm going to order some business cards today as has been a very productive saturday soo far. also i'm changing up my playlist...i am feeling soo loved right now, by my friends. my family. my man

the songstress...anita baker. her music just puts me in thee best mood and i could listen on repeat all day....

so just enjoy the non stop anita baker...

covert mission...completed

i traveled to dallas last week to do a photo shoot with my best friend who is launching soon. she sells great quality human hair and i was the model/ make up artisit and STYLIST. so this was an opportunity for us all the gain knowledge in our perspective career fields. I must say after looking at the photos i did see things that if i were the stylist behind the scenes i would have caught on to. i had such a good time and i will leave you with a teaser image or two, they have not been retouched yet but if you are interested in purchasing any of the hair email me and i will pass on her info to you. thanks!

i love shoes

so i hit the fashion district with my girl yesterday and hit a secret spot on mine where i found these super cute platforms. i totally love them and me being a bargainista, they were only... 5.99, yes maam...loves it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

stella mc cartney internship

so i got an email from a reader who landed an internship with fabulous designer stella mc cartney : holds for applause :) : and she needs a little inspiration for comfortable office wear, but still wants to like the fashionista that she is. I am thinking in terms of jeans, tights, a blazer, and some accessories. I am sure you already have the basic white tee, v neck t shirts, etc..

Let us begin::

i love costume gold jewelery, this look is a bit much/ maybe not. but gold bangles are always great
bib necklaces are soo in, also if it is cold add with a sweater or turtleneck & it is also great with tank tops
the bf blazer is definitely a good look, it pulls together any look and you will look effortlessly chic

a twist on traditional legging, they have leggings with zippers, which paired with a cute pair of patent leather flats, you will be tre' cute @ work

flat mid calf boots are great, you can wear these with skinny jeans or with tights and a dress, or if you are feeling a little edgy & if it is work appropriate do sheer pantyhose and ripped shorts

lace panty hose are soo hott!!! bit if it is a cool day, i would put a solid legging under neath them, in which case maybe buy 1 size bigger than your normal

gold hoops are classic, pull that hair off your face and add a lined black eye and a red out now!
the boyfriend jeans paired with a tank top and a cutesy cardigan and your patent leather flats, you will look soo cute
i love the sweater dress, you can pair this with a loose vest or with the flats or the boots, mad options here :)
knee length flat boots great with a work appropriate length dress

and here are the highly anticipated flats i keep yapping about :) and while were at it, these hammer'esque jeans are the business as well.

Just be yourself and do a great job, good luck and let me know how it goes, did i do her justice guys?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I have been a bad blogger, any who i'm in dallas on a covert mission, i'll be back in full swing next week!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby Phat 2010

i love kimora & co. but baby phat...not really my steeze. but here are the pieces that i liked...tre fab!


celeb style fashion week & toronto film fest
i am waay too lazy to type this week, here are a few images of fabulosity that i saw this week

Monday, September 14, 2009

she by sheree

ok, i'll admit it, i am not the biggest fan of ms.sheree, but surprisingly i liked most of her looks. i wish she had gone with better a fabric choice for her looks because the pulling and puckering was not a good look for fashion week. she had a great concept, but i would definitely perfect my craft before presenting it in public again is all i am saying. CONSTRUCTION! CONSTRUCTION! CONSTRUCTION! great effort though, looking forward to the future of the brand. here are the looks i liked.