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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

stella mc cartney internship

so i got an email from a reader who landed an internship with fabulous designer stella mc cartney : holds for applause :) : and she needs a little inspiration for comfortable office wear, but still wants to like the fashionista that she is. I am thinking in terms of jeans, tights, a blazer, and some accessories. I am sure you already have the basic white tee, v neck t shirts, etc..

Let us begin::

i love costume gold jewelery, this look is a bit much/ maybe not. but gold bangles are always great
bib necklaces are soo in, also if it is cold add with a sweater or turtleneck & it is also great with tank tops
the bf blazer is definitely a good look, it pulls together any look and you will look effortlessly chic

a twist on traditional legging, they have leggings with zippers, which paired with a cute pair of patent leather flats, you will be tre' cute @ work

flat mid calf boots are great, you can wear these with skinny jeans or with tights and a dress, or if you are feeling a little edgy & if it is work appropriate do sheer pantyhose and ripped shorts

lace panty hose are soo hott!!! bit if it is a cool day, i would put a solid legging under neath them, in which case maybe buy 1 size bigger than your normal

gold hoops are classic, pull that hair off your face and add a lined black eye and a red out now!
the boyfriend jeans paired with a tank top and a cutesy cardigan and your patent leather flats, you will look soo cute
i love the sweater dress, you can pair this with a loose vest or with the flats or the boots, mad options here :)
knee length flat boots great with a work appropriate length dress

and here are the highly anticipated flats i keep yapping about :) and while were at it, these hammer'esque jeans are the business as well.

Just be yourself and do a great job, good luck and let me know how it goes, did i do her justice guys?