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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DIY! DIY! I am gonna try to DIY!

So I saw this photo of Miss Teyanna Taylor a few days/ weeks ago and I going to make me a pair of these shades. I am going down to the fashion district, get me a pair of 5 dollar frames and add on some pearls from a fabric store and Voila! I will have these, photo to come as soon as I complete them.
I also want to try and do these Golden Girls 2009 shades. I'll just get a strand of gold chain..woo hoo!

Maybe I will add feathers or fringe, creative license ya' know...This should be interesting!

so today....

I had a casting for a new Keri Hilson video. Keeping my fangas crossed. I am hoping that I get the job. Y you may ask? Because if I do, in between takes I want to scurry ova to wardrobe an inquire on how they got their start, and if they need an assistant

I didn't get a picture of what I wore, but here is my makeup, why I look slightly pink n pale around my hair line is something I have to work

So now i'm watching Auntie Wendy on tv, glad that I did not feel the equake, and praying that we DO NOT have another one...ever again...I hate those things!