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Thursday, January 21, 2010

   amber rose is clearly having the best year ever.

wth did she get that fur?

honey magazine

did i forget to tell you all i did get the honey magazine internship? well i did and i started yesterday. i think it is going to be a great learning experience for me. i will share as much as i can without breaking any of the rules that an intern must abide by. so i return on monday and i'm really excited... so go check the magazine and leave some comments.

fashion magazine

                                                                         march 2010

...and where the flip have i been...this magazine has been around since 1977 and i have never even heard of it...i need some archives. and you will be seeing more of nicole richie here. i love her. how fabulous

wendy williams

ya'll know i loves me some wendy. her style is definitely evolving & i love the dark tresses...alriiight!

image taken from

sean combs & natalia vodianova for american vogue

last train to paris. coincidence...i think not.

images from

chanel iman

spanish vogue. feb 2010

she is such a beauty