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Monday, November 2, 2009


so I am watching...and idk how I feel about it. I mean of course, obviously these 4 people are living my dream right now but I am not really feeling the interns as of yet. Gary reminds of Brad from for TRZ Project, he just seems laxidazical, he is not paying attention, just busting up in showrooms and whatnot. Brett is kinda cool, I liked that he stepped up to the plate and gave Asher the jacket & got a styling go Brett!I do think think he should go as the assistant and bring a senior stylist with him since he is "interning" but that's just me. He did not take those clothes out on memo @ Kitson....WOW! I am not so sure how I feel about Janna & Tara, haven't heard much from her yet. I like Jen Rade a lot, I think she is a no nonsense boss and seems to know what she wants and likes to keep things moving. Julie Weiss...hmmm not so sure yet. Eric L. Archibald, where you @ man? I do wish they had added some urban cast mates in the show, but know how that goes.