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Sunday, August 30, 2009

just checking in to see if my new fabulous signature is like it?
Have a blessed week and remember it is never as bad as you may think it is. you got food? a place to live? you are alright then...TRUST IN GOD!

Cleaveage Overload

I love ultra deep v neck tshirts. The strange thing is I like how they look on the male models more then how they look on the female models on the AA website..hmmm. So anywho,these are my favorite colors...basically the entire collection. But @ 22 bucks a pop, i'm definitely going to forever21 first thing next week to peruse there first. Thtat's crazy money in this

And I love how one of the twins (not sure who) looks in it, not soo much the skirt...but yeah, you get the jist.