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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am the best shopper alive!!!

so I can post real quick, i'm stealing some wi-fi from the cafe by my house. So I just got back from a very fashionable weekend in Florida, I went for my homecoming. Me and one of my best friends went to Thrift Town, where I seriously came up on some gems. I also went to the 2bebe outlet and got some amazing pieces, but i'll be back with that later. The black pants were about 3 dollars and they have a belt loop so I can add a little PIZZAZ to them, they are very comfortable and way chic! The fuschia grandma pants about 3 dollars, are my favorite, they can look real Golden Girlish if you don't know how to wear them, and next is my funky dress about 6 dollars, I love this thing. It has pointed shoulders which is totally in right now, I am thinking of taking it to a tailor and change the zipper, what do you think? I also got a leather skirt which needs to be tailored and dry cleaned, and a pair of black satin slacks headed for the cleaners and a fuschia ballroom skirt that needs to be dry cleaned and I will wear around the holidays...excited!!!