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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Transition your wardrobe

in this economy who has money to go out and purchase a brand new winter wardrobe?!?!?! not I... so I am going to give you a few examples of how to "winterize: your spring & summer pieces into looks for the fall & winter by following these basic trend reports. First up:: black tights under your shorts. I did not like this trend at all to begin with, but it has really grown on me, why should you have to hide your shorts for 3-6 months. Slap some black opaque stocking under those shorts & with a great pair of boots and keep it moving into this chilly season. You can pair the look with an oversized cardigan or a statement blazer. I'll blog tomorrow on another transition trend:: turtlenecks with spring dresses!


And here are a few looks I created via polyvore, I really love these looks!

Wishlist:: fashion books & magazines

in an effort to become more educated on the history of fashion and to learn more about styling these are some books that I want to have in my collection...

                            and for the magazine subscriptions I need. I want. I must have.

Forever 21 Mag Online

I remembered reading about this magazine was going to be published, I came across it on a blog that I follow & I must say that I love it. They had like a 6 page spread on fashionable bloggers, and I hope to be in one of those spreads soon. There is also a really gorgeous spread with the twelve by twelve collection highlighted by model Georgie Baddiel (I believe)  and I can't find who she was styled by and that upsets me. Do you know who styled her? You can view the forever 21 magazine in it's entirety Enjoy!