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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I found my shoes!!!!!I

So I follow this blog and the blogger had on these electric blue shoes that I just have to have. I just so happened to have gone to the mall last night with my friend and do you know what I saw in Aldo....I saw....MY SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The style is Mickolick and they run about 90 dollars

I need these, electric blue and heather grey along with a splah of eggplant purple are my fall colours du'jour! Oh yeah, peep the new eggplant purse, 20 dollars

The September Issue

One person who I would love to work with would be Ms. Rachel Roy, she is soo effortlessly fabulous. Skin and hair is always on point...Loves her. I lover sense of style...I could really go on...and on...and on...

And Ms. Cassie & Chanel Iman are looking uber glam as well...le sigh*


Wth have I been, I love Ledisi and did not realize her new album Turn me Loose was just released this week. I will definitely get it this weekend, Loves her and the new uber fabness she is bringing...get it girl!
You can also check out her blog here