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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

greetings my bloggy followers. i just wanted to reach out to any readers/ stylist/ anyone who works in the fashion industry in NYC. so anyways, i'm coming out there next week and i'm going out for drinks and dancing with a friend from college and if you're in the city come and hang in the city with us. also are there any jobs out there? i want to move to nyc, like asap... by news years. my lease will be up and i am trying to roll out! so if you know of anything could you send some information my way...pretty please??? *RESUME AVAILABLE ON REQUEST* love you guys


I want!!!

so i was watching the tyra show today and she featured a product from dkny called the cozy cardigan. it retails for 195.00 basically it is a silk and cashmere blend wool draped cardigan. i would style it paired with leggings or skinny jeans and knee boots. or with a super tight mini or mid knee lenght skirt with some pumps or strappy heels. fabulous indeed!

and here is a video showing you how to style it.

eleKtriK blue boots

so i got these ankle boots almost 2 years ago from the fashion district in downtown l.a. i did not have a vision for them then...but i got one now... they are very much in season and i hope it is chilly in the NYC next week so i can rock them!

jewelry board diy

so i have a lot of jewelry and nowhere to put it. so i decided to clean out my jewelry box and came up with this to store my necklaces a few pair of earrings. what do you think? do we likey?