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Monday, January 4, 2010

2010...i'm going for it!

Happy New Years all! I pray that you rung in the New Year in a fabulous way. I am finally in NYC but it was way too cold for me to go and do anything. I am soo excited to be here pursuing my career goals of being a stylist, I have a list of goals that I want to accomplish this year, so here goes::

. move to NYC...oops! already did that!
. clean up my credit, to be debt free would be AWESOME!
. take more "look book" shots of myself for the blog of mine
. go natural, my hair, i'm on month 4 of no relaxer, I will be big chopping in a month or so
. re vamp blog & create a website
. launch an online boutique
. get an internship with a stylist "JUNE AMBROSE! JUNE AMBROSE! JUNE AMBROSE"
. style some photo shoots & spreads
. put lola simone styling on the map, perhaps I need a business partner...hmmm
. network. newtork. NETWORK
. continue to work on myself & grow as Christian..gotta do better
. read entire bible
. travel a whole lot
. step my make up game up, NARS all the way
. become well read on fashion: designers, stylist, fashion houses, etc...
. buy better quality clothing & shoes
. & last but not least...find me a man, shoot it's cold in NYC!


Anonymous said...

Awesome goals! Keep the faith, you can do it!

KaiLee said...

thanks sooo much!!!