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Monday, December 7, 2009

One of my best friends is going to an industry party in the New Year, she asked me to create a "look" for her based on these sequined shorts. I have a general rule, the shorter the bottoms, the bigger and looser the top should be. I like to be subtly sexy, leaves a little something to the imagination. But if you do wish to wear a fitted top like the bustier I put in the look, add a blazer or a cropped leather jacket...tres chic. What do you think of the choices I made? Would you rock it?


Hair Addict said...

Love the blue sueded material with the sparkle of the shorts, think I will borrow the concept and pair with a sequin pencil skirt and blue sueded shoes. Hotness indeed.

Cynthia @ said...

Very nice and creative. Sequin shorts are too bold for my personality(and too cold for my blood, lol), but I think this would also look great with sequin leggings

Anonymous said...

Kalee.. who are the style options by.. and where to buy.. need to get the info on the blue suede pumps

KaiLee said...

thanks for the comments. I created the looks on polyvore, so these prices are a wee bit high, I did this more for inspiration not purchase price points. But if you would like I can look for some pumps for you. Do you have a price range? And what size?

KaiLee said...

I forgot to add if you click on the item you want, it should take you to a price breakdown on each item...thanks!

KaiLee said...

I found a nice alternative these steve maddens for 80.00 on sale
or these