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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vamp it up?

so ladies are you feeling this trend for the fall? i'm still a little mixed, perhaps i'll get some of the colors and how they work for me. I don't think the black would be a good match on me but i am up to try a real deep purple. I saw on mac they have a purple called Cyber which is a very intense shade of purple but the photo wont copy for me.

Nars velvet matte lip liner in the shade Cruella is my must have for fall, i love a red lip and this shade of red if i do say so myself looks great on


Trudy said...

yea, I'm dark purple all the way.

Siera J. said...

Thats so funny I just did a post on this Wednesday, I dont think the dark make-up is flattering at all. I think it washes out your complexion and sightly ages you.

KaiLee said...

yeah i'm into the dark purple, not totally sold on black.

siera i think it washes out lighter complexions, but on a real chocollate sistah i think it would look beautiful...go on