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Monday, October 12, 2009

back from NYC

so I just got back from NYC & I must say I am in love with that place...soo much so I am moving there at the end of December...Sho nuff, being that I want to work in fashion I think NYC will be a great move for me and my career. Here is a recap of the looks I wore...I did not get a chance to make it to the Garment District like I wanted to but i'll see it when I get back, oh and I got to ask a question on The Wendy Williams Show...highlight of my trip...loves that lady!!!


Anonymous said...

i love your effortless chic style. I most def identify to it

Teak said...

You have great style. Love your hair :)

Siera J. said...

Gurl u are 2 cute! I loooove Wendy Williams and would love to go to her show.

KaiLee said...

thanks ladies, i appreciate your comments :) and wendy was hilarious, go to her site and get free tickets