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Monday, September 14, 2009

my fashion week favorites

my hand has been killing me, so i have not felt like typing much. but i have to show you my favorites from fashion week thus far. she has clean lines, a great colour palette and a sexy sophisticated style that catches the eye. rachel roy is a woman who i aspire to dress like as i come into my full grown "womaliness" she is soo effortlessly chic, flawless skin, clothes are amazing!!!

another one of my all time favorite deisgners dvf, i just love her. her clothing, the wrap dress, come on ya'll and her luggage is beautiful. the bold colours and seemingly bohemian inspired pieces were just fabulous!!!

tracy reese...who doesn't love tracy? her collection in my opinion was a playful sophisticated look. very feminie pieces with a hint of "uuhh" with it. she used nice spring colours mixed with bold patterns/ and prints and i loved it!

i have attached a link where you can view many of my other favorites...but i just can't do it wit hmy raggedy hand like this :)