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Saturday, August 29, 2009

NYC Bound

So I am off to NY in a few weeks to visit some people and get a feel for it to see if I would like living there...

It is gonna to be early fall so I need to pick up a few things prior to my trip. First up over the knee boots, a definite must have for the fall, great when pair with any type of hoisery, leggings, dresses, etc...

I love these knee high boots, you can pair with dresses, tights, shorts, over skinny jeans, etc...
I cannot get enough of the boyfriend jean trend, I was told that I would be doing a lot of walking in NY and this is a very comfortable way to get around and still look effortlessly chic
I plan to go out and sip some cocktails and hang a little, so a sequined mini dress such as this would be uber fabulous
I need a mini skirt, definitely want one in black for a wardrobe staple, but I love this pop of colour as well
lace hoisery...I love it! looks great paired with a basic dress or long shirt and some boots
and who doesn't love a pashmina...I sure do, in every colour :)
and lastly, the perfect trenchcoat, I love the neutral tone and it will last for many a seasons...